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About Pinto Projects

Pinto Projects is a creative exploration through the medium of clay. Every piece is made meticulously by hand in Sechelt, B.C. The focus is on high quality wares informed by a minimalist aesthetic and inspired by the tones and textures of the natural world. 

The hope is to create moments of reflection and a sense of grounding in using objects made by hands and hard work. I believe these little moments can draw us closer together and can make the world a more beautiful and safe place. Ultimately, the objects that we choose to keep around us become a part of how we experience life. I would like my work to be a comfort to people in their daily lives, connecting them in a small way to each other and even the collective human experience.  

All pieces from the Pinto studio are made on a pottery wheel or are hand-built. It is an extensive and time consuming process from start to finished piece. I am an idealist and believe in the power of creating, no matter the medium. The greatest joy of my life is to be able to make art every day. I am so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to make objects that live with other people in their daily lives.

Thank you for stopping by.

- Emmalee

Some administrative details:

Orders are sent out for shipping typically within 5 business days via Canada Post. Please allow 12 weeks for pre-order items.

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